Saturday, August 28, 2010


We Have been busy getting the bikes ready for the journey. Replacing clutches, adjusting valves, replacing drive trains and just tuning up and checking up every last little detail. This is half the fun!!!!

We of course have been praticing off road riding as well. Exploring our own back yard, which has a lot of amazing, (steep) riding.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


12 August 2010, Stanley, Idaho, USA:

WE are busing getting ready for our Tour. Getting the bikes "Geared" up and Ready to ride From Boise to Tierra Del Fuego, The southern most point you can get in South America.
Lots of Planning and preping for such an amazing trip.
WE are setting this blog up for our friends and family and fans to follow along with us on our Journey.
We are excited to go and Having fun planning and getting our bikes and ourselves ready to go. Getting ready is half the fun, the other half comes when we are on the road.
So please follow us along the way. Thanks for all of your support. Wish us Luck and Good Luck to You!