Sunday, January 23, 2011

where the road ends and the fun begins!

our first dirt in Baja...about 70 miles of dirt and sand baja style...it took all day. Everybody asks us why dirt bike? and this is why.

fishing with a new friend.

This guy was on the beach fihing and we went over to see if he had any luck...he had caught a blow fish... and hooked Paul up with some bait and they fished together into the sunset..no ore luck though. He thought I was crazy because I am a Girl on a bike..

Keepin it wheel...mexican style

WE found a street clown preforming and when he pulled out the uni Paul could not resist and jumped down on stage...

THis place was cool...HOtsprings right in the sea..beautiful.
So after 4 to 5 days of paper work stuff we finally made it to the mainland. Although its not exactlly where we want to go, but thats all part of the trip right. After all 300 miles north is not much in the whole sceme of things. We are now in mazaltan hanging on the beach. Tonight we are going to a bull fight mexi. style. should be fun. last night i rode a uni cycle during a street performers act. you should have seen how surprised they were to see me ride.. well im now going to attempt to put some photos on. wish me luck. paul

Monday, January 17, 2011

Bye Bye Baja Hello Main land

Well, we have made it to La Paz Baja in the south. From here we catch the ferry over to Mazaltan where we continue south. Baja has been much more than we have expected. It is really beautiful. I did not know that there was a mountain range running right down the middle for most of the way. Some of the peaks are 10,000 ft high. They are really quite large when you start from sea level. What a contrast it is. Dry desert, big mountains and the ocean. All within a few miles. It feels like we are kind of moving fast, but we just wanted to get some miles under us here at the start. did i mention how nice the people are here.. We are starting to learn a little spanish along the way. funny how when you have to learn something it seems a little easier. So far i can understand more than i can actually say. Anyway we have to go look up the ferry cost and departures before the morning. Peace and Love Paul

Friday, January 14, 2011

santa rosalita

Well we are in Santa Rosalita now. Yesterday we did 60 or 70 off road miles after soaking and camping at an awesome hot spring in portocitos. that was the first time i have soaked on the shores of a sea. I mean right on the shore. pretty cool stuff. soon after portocitos the pavement ended and the fun began. when i say dirt i mean dirt, not gravel. Big difference. The road was rough rock and sand. Very different when your bike is loaded. We wanted to ride some of the baja 1000 course and ride it we did. The race did come through here this year in nov. All i could think about was racers screaming by at 100 miles an hour. Crazy stuff. someday i will be back to witness it first hand. We passed up co cos corner. He was made famous by the movie Dust to Glory. one of my favorites. if you have not seen it you should.
Anyway baja is crazy. in some areas there is lots of vegitation and cacti. While in others it is totally baron of any life at all. some of the cacti here are 30 feet tall. Huge. Camille almost hit a road runner bird today. Thats the first time i have seen one of them. And yes it ran away fast with its mohauk standing straight up. They say the fishing is good here so i will give it a try in the morning. thats enough for now. till next time.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Sleep is overrated, let´s get on the road!

Oh! how good it feels to be on the road. After many sleepless nights, planning, packing and re packing We left Idaho 6 January, rented a Uhaul, loaded the bikes up and drove down to Las Vegas. Spent a couple of nights there, one including in the back of the Uhaul, because ALL the rooms in Vegas were full! due to the electronic and porn convention! Cruised the strip on our bikes, checked out our fellow circus family and hit the road the next day and started riding south. Crossed the border into Baja California yesterday, No problems, rode right on through. we are now in the town of San Felipe. where the weather in warmer and we literally have the beaches to ourselves. It feels good to finally be on the road after so much planning and dreaming. Just to ride and finally see and feel new places. By Camille