Wednesday, April 4, 2012

“It’s the end of the World as We know it and We feel fine” sort of!



Just a few last words and thoughts about our amazing trip down here to Ushuaia.

   A lot happens at the end of the road. We arrived here totally different then how we had ever imagined it to be. One motorcycle left. Riding 2 up.(follow the white rabbit) 2 Volkswagen buses and 2 bicycles. (FYI What a small world it is. We had met the 2 cyclists on the Costa Rica/ Panama border last year and hooked up with them a few towns back this year..One of the bikes needed a little help getting to the end of the road)  We all found a full house to share for a couple of days while we celebrated birthdays and our arrivals with new Mohawks and tattoos and started making plans for heading north, a direction none of us have gone in a long time.

     We have encountered yet another time when you can’t believe what you hear.  Everything that I have heard and read online says that its impossible to sell a motorcycle in Ushuaia Argentina.  Yet again I have proven the masses wrong. I had money in my hand and no more wheels in less than 24 hours after arriving in town. The White Rabbit was sold  in Ushuaia for 1,839 dollars.  Not bad considering I paid $2,200 for it 5 years ago, and put 25,000 mile on it.  I feel like I got my moneys worth.  Without a doubt I’m sold on Honda bikes. Wow! what a strange feeling not having a bike anymore.  It all happened so fast!!!.

     Ushuaia is a beautiful little city.  Since we have arrived here towards the end of the tourism season there seems to be less people around compared to how built up it is for tourism.  It sure looks like 100% of their economy is tourism.  We took the local ski lift up to do one last hike to a glacier.  The color change is  beautiful right now for it is autumn down at the end of the world red,orange, mahogany, Green,Brown,and White.  You can see why Tierra Del Fuego is called the “land of fire” the colors were so bright it looked like the land was on fire. It brings all the elements together on our trip. A lot of RAIN, strong WINDS, beautiful EARTH/LAND seen and traveled and to arrive at the end,  the “land of FIRE” ties it all together and balanced it all out.  For sure It was all worth every mile, every rain drop, every motorcycle drop, every tear drop. Worth every breeze, wind gust, every smile, all the laughter. It was worth every mountain pass, every climb, every twist and turn, all the mud and gravel. Getting lost and then found again. Finding new friends, finding new paths, new ways and learning to love and BE in EVERY MOMENT.

DSC_8199THE last Ride.

DSC_8251Our new family who we will never forget.

DSC_8272Proud new owner of a very fast White Rabbit!!


DSC04501  Tierra Del Fuego island tattoos. The end of the world on the end of our body at the end of the trip.


DSC04415 Ummm  don’t move I think there is a penguin on your head



P1050669 Glacier hike in the land of FIRE and ICE!