Sunday, February 27, 2011

Central America

ok it had been a while but what do you expect when we are riding through Central America?...

Guatemala was beautiful. We spent Pauls Birthday in a village by a huge Lake with Valcanos all around, SanPedro. It was a awesom road getting there. Steep, with switchbacks going through villages. Most people that get there have to come by boat from a town across the lake. Since we have motos we got to take the road less traveled. It was amazing. and I think we were just as surprised by the beauty as all the villages were to see us.

When we decided to leave San Pedro, We heard feom another biker about another road out that was supposed to be nice and a little faster...but robberies were not unheard of. After talking to locals we decided it was just as safe as any other road...Their advice was just so not stop.....Well how about we stop on the side of the road for an hour to fix the flat on My Bike..Do you think that is OK? (stupid Nail #2) that was just the begining of our TIRE DAY. Paul had to get a new rear tire which he finally found a good fit and I ended up having 2 more flats that day...The patches did not hold. all part of the moto adventures! we are lovin it! Guatemala was beautiful.

We crossed into El Salvador. After spending 3.5 hours at the border I got stung by something like a bee in my thigh while riding which maybe the cause of a fever and being bed ridin the next day, it is hard to tell? A couple of days later we rode through beautiful coffee Plantations, Colorful flowers, Jungles and the Cloud forest, literally riding through clouds.

We attempted surfing in EL Sunzal, El Salvador, by far the gentalist waves we have encountered but we mostly did a lot of swimming.

Then we went for the extreme border crossing day...El Salvador to Hondruas to Nicaragua. Each border takes at least 3 hours with copies more copies, paperwork, heat and patience. Getting into Hondruas was the easy part it was the 8 police check points while we were in the country for 4 hours that was the hard part. we got good at them they only got 2 stops from us and only $1.00. not speaking spanish has its perks!!!!

WE are now in Nicaragua and have only had 6 encounters with the police and We still "do not speak any more spanish" one more leaky tube in my rear tube..I think I need a new one that is the mission for tomorrow. We are in Masaya, Nica now. going to check out more volcanos and lakes. it is nice and cool here and we found the most biker friendly hotel here.
Until next time our Amigos.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Guatemala is Awesome

Well after being in Mexico for 5 weeks Guatemala is very very nice. It is much cheaper here and the culture runs a little bit deeper than Mexico. Yesterday we arrived at a beautiful little town called San Pedro. WoW what an awesome ride into here. Mountains larger than i expected. San Pedro is situated right on a large lake with mountains and a large volcano in the horizon. A very cool place to spend my 39th birthday. Most people come here by boat, but there is a road in as well. We met another biker friend back in Mexico that we saw at the border. He suggested this place. Its nice to have an open plan while traveling. It seems thats how we find the best places to visit. [Word of mouth[ On the ride yesterday we stopped at road side stand for a break and i have never seen people so scared of me in all of my travels!! People actually running away from Camille and I truelly in fear. Saying Gringo Gringo. Stopping to ask directions along the way we got the same reaction. They looked like we were about to rob them. A very different experience. Peace and Love

the White Rabbit and Shooting Star rides on.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Last state in Mexico...Chiapas!

WE just arrived in the beautiful Mountain state of chiapas. Famous for Coffee!!!Mountains and coffee sounds like somethings we like?!?!?! The road getting here was the windiest conditions any of us have ever rode in...no pictures I was scared to stop for fear me and the bike would fall over...which is not unheard of. WE figure it was 50MPH constant plus gusts. CRAZY. my arms are sore. after that we climbed up into the mountains, out of the wind, up a beautiful pass to about 4000 ft. if got cold fast and it´s nice to finally see something besides sand and salt water.
This is our last state in Mexico and we are crossing the border into Guatemala tomorrow. changed our oil today (very romantic experiance for Valentines day, that´s what we love to do) after riding 3494 miles through Mexico. Muchas Gracias Mexico you have been Real, Thanks for everything. Adios.


A Special Thank You and Cheers to all those who helped us prepare for this trip. With motorcycle maintenance and knowledge. YOu all know who you are. Good tips and advice. All of you who put out your positive and supportive energy, who knew we could make it happen. Thank you. We Love you all and this could not have been possible with all your help.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

meeting friends on the road

we just met up with some friends from utah yesterday. they have been on motorbike tour for 7 months. katie and mark. awesome to see some friends on the road doing the same things as us. they have many good things to say about central america where we will be heading soon. looks like its about time for an oil change. i thought oil was expensive here in mexico at 6 dollars a quart, but they say its more like 8 or 9 dollars down in C.A. sounds like ill change it here tomorrow before we hit the border then. prt escondido where we are now is a really nice little surf com. nice vibes and good peps. adjusted the timing in katies klr 250 yesterday. looks like a bike day tomorrow. Shes due for a new front tire and marks going to do his timing also. ok so far so fun paul

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

sorry:( no photos this time its to F,n SLOW

mexico mainland

Well its been a while since we have posted on the blog so where to start.
ok Lets start with the bird. i was in the middle of passing a truck when a pretty yellow and brown bird found my windshield. it was the last thing it ever found while here on earth as a bird. i didnt brake my speed and made the pass with no problems. The bird went up in a cloud of yellow feathers. Camille and the truck driver both had a good laugh together.
next it was the flat tire. While in puerto vallarta Camille ran over a 2 inch nail that went all the way through her tire. it went flat asap. luck would have it that it happened right in front of a ford dealership, or maybe not so lucky seeing how they wouldnt fix it for us. Then we removed the wheel and began to find a tire shop. oh there is a goodyear store perfect. nnot so. They wouldnt touch it either. After one other shop refused to touch it we thought the fastest thing to do was to go back to the room and get my tools to do it ourselves. Fixing it would be quicker than trying to find someone to fix it. Turns out we were right. We grabbed some lunch and began to fix it right in front of.... you guessed it outback stake house. oh they had nice grass for sitting on, (which is hard to find down here). i guess by now you can tell how touristic it was there in P.V. The tube change went smooth as butter. Back in the room that night we had to put two patches on the tube because the nail puntured both sides.
Then there was the awesome camping on el faro beach. we had the whole place to ourselves for the two nights that we were there. one night we had the most amazing sunset while watching whales surface right out in front of us. Then just before dark one did a full body breach for us. very cool.
did i mention that tequila is made from many different cacti. i thought it was just the agave. but no its very similar to wine in the fact that different regions all have different flavor. very very smooth. nothing like the stuff you get in the states. there are so many different flavors that they do not import. we found this out because we arrive at a hotel that was having a free tequila tasting party at the pool. oh how timing is everything.
ok im sure there was many more awesome experiences that we have had in between there but thats what i can recall right now.
so far so fun. Paul