Friday, March 22, 2013

Oh India


March 21  Hoshiapur-Karnal  275km

    Started off this morning with a beautiful road through the forest.  Not one pot hole for 20 km.  covered a lot of ground today.  The apple,pine trees, and pot have slowly transitioned to rice fields and eucalyptus trees.  Monkeys are gone now too.  Saw a Lori truck that lost his rear axle then flipped over and spilled all of his goods.  Crossing between the freeways today a dad and his two kids dumped their bike in front of me.  He hit his front brake to hard on the dirt and it slid out on them.  He looked at me and I looked at him.  they got back  on their bike and took off.  Camille says I nearly got hit twice today, but I didn’t notice either one being anything out of the norm.

March 22 Karnal- Reari     211 km

    Got a late start because our room was so so nice we stayed till noon.  Started off today riding down the wrong way on a one way road.  this is totally normal here. The lights on the bikes here have a left hand index finger button for flashing your light.  You just alternate between the horn and the light and its all good.  You are never in the way of anything in India.  Everything merges around.  The biggest vehicle, and whoever is in front of you has the right of way here.  It actually works better than you may think.  the rice fields are now replaced with desert shrubs,sand and goats.  Saw a camel pulling a huge cart of straw down the hwy.  Made it through Delhi and now we are half way to Jaipur.  Around sunset there was a group of people carrying an India flag and parading down the road.  The first five or six men were totally nude??  What the??  Well it is IndiaSmile

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